Minutes of the first meeting of the IALF Working Group


The Working Group of the IALF convened its first meeting and commenced its work on drawing up the initial instruments of the IALF. In this first meeting, the Working Group discussed several key agenda that would affect the future course of the organization. Through each agenda, the Working Group discussed how the IALF can have wider representation in its functioning and how inclusiveness and democracy can be promoted in its working.

The members discussed the key issue of the extent to which they think external regulation should govern litigation funding in India. Several pros and cons of external regulation were discussed. Ultimately, the members decided to create a ‘white paper’ that would serve as a blueprint for self and external regulation, which they would then use to initiate a dialogue with external regulators.

The members also divided responsibilities for preparing drafts of the IALF’s key instruments. It was decided that each draft will involve one funder and one Indian representative each. Importantly, the members have resolved to prepare the initial drafts of the IALF’s core instruments within 45 days, so that the IALF may open its doors for membership and commence its work before long.

The most significant discussion at the meeting was restructuring the proposed leadership of the IALF. The members put forward the idea that the IALF must have wide representation from among its future members, so that the IALF can benefit from their inputs on policy direction, education and development. Accordingly, the members decided that the day-to-day affairs can be broken down into Committees responsible for specific items of work. Several Committees were proposed such as finance and compliance, membership, regulatory liaison, judicial liaison, communication and PR, education and development, international affiliations, complaints and most importantly, a Young IALF group. Each of these Committees would be headed by a Director, and would include the IALF’s members as its members. Meanwhile, industry stalwarts would form the Board of Advisors. This way, the IALF’s members would be included in contributing to key areas of the IALF’s work.

The full minutes of the meeting can be seen here.


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